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Camping at North Shore

Last weekend my family with friends adventured to the North Shore. As a family we finally got a 4WD so we can enjoy what’s right in our backyard here in Noosa.

For those who don’t know much about the North Shore, it’s the longest stretch of beach in Australia that you can drive on and at 80km most of the way.

Firstly, to reach the North Shore you have to cross on the car ferry at Tewantin $8 each way and cash only so be prepared. Once across there is accommodation and a bar and bistro at Noosa North Shore Getaway. Even has a jumping pillow, rock climbing wall and mini golf too.

Noosa North Shore Gateway - Rock climbing wall

Back to getting onto the beach so you past the bistro and just before the sand entry you need to deflate your tyres to not get bogged. If you do get stuck there is plenty of people willing to help you out. 1st timer like us I suggest to go with friends that know what they are doing and have the equipment. Once deflated enter onto the beach the softest and deepest sand is when you first enter then if it is low tide you are right to drive on the wet sand allowing to drive full 80km. When in softer sand you will probably be driving more like 50km.

For us we didn’t arrive until it was black Friday night but I couldn’t believe how many others were doing the same just made it tricky to find a camp spot along Teewah Beach camping area which is 15km in length so plenty of room not to be on top of each group. Pitched the tent by car headlights. Even know we arrived late, clearly many others were too coming up from Brisbane after work. It was the best to wake up to the sound of the ocean. Not only that it was a warm night so slept with only the fly screen door shut so views of the stretch of beach and ocean too from the comfort of my blow up mattress the best even if it was a wakeup call at 5am when the sun rose.

Teewah Beach Camping Area

We adventured both days to Double Island Point which don’t be fooled like me who actually thought we were going to an island for the day. Apparently, Captain Cook was fooled too, hence the name. So yes all those that are wondering who has never been it is not an island but one that is access by 4WD vehicles from the beach access via Teewah Beach or Rainbow Beach.

For those who need a map visual the circled part is Double Island Point

& red pin drop is Noosa

One side of double island point is just straight up from Teewah beach to the end where there easy consistent waves to surf, which we did or a walk up to the lighthouse which we started to do with kids in tow but of course the rain decided to come then as well, until next time. The other side of Double Island point is accessed up a side sand road and around and down in front of a large lagoon of water you can drive round on the left anytime and swim in the lagoon which looked amazing. Other option is turn right at the entrance which we did the next day on low tide and crossed the narrow stretch between the lagoon and land to get around to the rocky point where it’s easy long stretches of waves perfect for beginner surfers. Time it wrongly and you will be waiting until low tide again we only just made it out in time.

Teewah Beach Access point

Lagoon side

We then drove from Double Island Point to Rainbow Beach which is only accessed on the beach route in low tide. Best drive, with the sheer cliffs of coloured sands, amazing!!

Drive up to Rainbow Beach

We pulled on into Rainbow Beach township and had some lunch. We then adventured back into Teewah Beach as now it was high tide through Fresh Water sand drive, which was so different again through deep sand sometimes amongst the rainforest right there. Stunning drive and back out onto Teewah beach.

Fresh Water Track

Up the long stretch again across the car ferry, straight to a petrol station in Tewantin to inflate the tyres again and home to hose down the car.

Hopefully I have made it clear of what to experience when adventuring to the North Shore. Now to plan a trip to Fraser Island….

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