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Celebration time

How are you celebrating the next stage, stage 2 restrictions reduced??

I keep telling my kids mainly my son whose 4 years old and totally understands what we call “the nasty bug” when it goes away, we are going to celebrate. My definition of celebration is holidaying to another location been stuck here too long. His definition is getting heaps of toys. I may have kept him unaware that the shops have opened up again well let’s say he knows a few have opened not the main centres with all the toy stores anyway dreading life in that way, of standing around waiting for him to be a toy reviewer then begging for a pressie at the end. You give them a small budget just to leave and somehow it goes over every time.

Completely off topic then back to celebration how are you going to celebrate?? And at what stage do we celebrate in?? I mean we are being drip fed back normal life a month at a time so when is normal, normal again and then the right time to celebrate.

So, my plan was to really treat my kids by celebrating down at the Gold Coast and go to an amusement park most likely Movie World seen that last time we did SeaWorld. Who knows when they will open I mean I check on the websites but nothing, no dates. I just do not want to miss out on the celebration for this next stage, stage 2 and being able to travel 250km away and stay overnight woohoo.

So, no Gold Coast yet even though it was in our radius of kms. So next best thing is to see more North and South of us on two mini trips. Off to Hervey Bay for 2 nights and yes, we are going before whale watching season but still it is somewhere different and new and haven’t been since I was a kid. The other trip is to Brisbane to have a city escape I mean we have done a day trip to Brisbane but it will be nice to stay in a city scraper with river views and walk to different tourist attractions and hopefully things will be open more then.

Yelp this will be us being tourists in Brisbane shortly

You are probably wondering why I have not travelled from my base here in Noosa to these locations much. The fact is we only moved here from Melbourne, yes before you say it another Melbournite here enjoying paradise. Been here just over a year and of course loving it. I am the sort of person who loves weekends away and a proper holiday each year. Seen I am living in a permanent holiday it is hard to find another destination to go. Saying that love to explore Queensland more but it is such a large state and hard to travel too far with young kids in the car I opted for these two short trips.

Maybe you are the opposite direction and are based in Brisbane or Hervey Bay and want to come to Noosa to celebrate then yes, I highly recommend it. Now the cafe and restaurants are reopening not just for takeaway but dine in. Weather as Queenslanders know might be getting chilly in the mornings and evenings but still stunningly warm during the days. The waves are still rolling on in, the beach has had its sand recovery after the cyclone earlier in the year. Resort pools and facilities are now back open and starting to heat up those pools again you love to lounge around at or sit in a bubbling spa. The river is always nice to stroll next to or hire a boat and discover your love of fishing again.

Stunning Noosa River at it's best

Nothing beats Noosa Main Beach - one of the few North facing beaches

Resort pools are being reheated ready to enjoy again

Photo of Ivory Palms Resort Pool

So, go on make your booking now keep the next town or destination economy going again by staying, eating out, hiring equipment and all around enjoying yourselves with what entertainment we are permitted with.

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1 Comment

Linda Lake
Linda Lake
May 29, 2020

Sounds wonderful - can’t wait to holiday in Noosa. Such a beautiful gem of a place.

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