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Chasing Waterfalls

Now school holidays are over, but you still want to explore as a local or holiday maker making the most of this quiet time in Queensland before the borders open to NSW and VIC again. Why not go explore some waterfalls. I love exploring waterfalls, I call it chasing waterfalls…...

Buderim Falls

Quorn Close, Buderim or Lindsay Road, Buderim

The closest one, (only 30 mins from Noosa) is Buderim Falls, also known as Serenity Falls.

There are two entries into the falls:

The first entry, and the only one I have walked, is from Quorn Close carpark. At the carpark, go past the picnic tables and down to the waterfalls. The path is very doable with young kids and leads to the falls where you can walk down and stand behind the falls, or even go for a swim. Great shots can be captured over the arched bridge that leads up the steps and out again. It does get very muddy and wet under foot as you walk along the rainforest path if it’s just rained, though. 

The second entry is from Lindsay Road entry. This is the one that is wheelchair and pram friendly. I haven’t taken it yet, but it’s 600 metre walkways through the forest to Martins Creek’s cascading waters. From the end of the boardwalk, you can continue upwards through the bush via a rugged trail to the waterfall, (which doesn't sound very wheelchair/pram friendly to me). 

Kondalilla Falls

Kondalilla Falls Rd, Montville

When we went, it must have been a popular weekend as we had to park way up the road far away. Hopefully, it is not like this for you. Wander down the steps to the open grass area with BBQs and picnic tables and toilets.  There are lots of spots to spread your picnic rug out and relax. After you have had enough relaxing, follow the picnic creek circuit through the rainforest stopping along the way to admire the views. Take the 300 steps to the falls. When we went heaps of people were swimming and lazing around on floaties, so yes, bring your bathers and inflatables. You will dry off before the end of the hike up the hill again.

Mapleton Falls

Mapleton Falls Rd, Mapleton

Straight off the car park, there is a viewing platform high above the Obi Obi Gorge and Mary River Valley.  You will see the 120-metre  Mapleton falls plunging to the pool below it. Better yet, why not do what we did? Walk into the forest to the open space of picnic tables and grassy areas, lay down your picnic rug and enjoy the peaceful serenity before embarking on the circuit walk. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’ll have heard me say, ‘I love a good circuit as there is no need to repeat your steps’.Wompoo Circuit walk, in amongst the tall rainforest trees, has so much interesting flora and fauna to offer.  My kids were well entertained by the surroundings.

Gardners Falls

Obi Lane South, Maleny

I’ve yet to adventure to Gardners Falls but it is on my to-do list, and it should be on yours too! As I read, park next to the Obi Obi Creek and take a short level walk to Gardners Falls, apparently “a hidden gem in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland”.  You will pass shallow rock pools which sounds fun for the kids. Follow the waters downstream to where the pools increase in size and you can enjoy a freshwater swim in the largest pool underneath the falls so bring your bathers and floaties again. I can’t wait for the next warm summer’s day to check out these Falls.

So, what are you waiting for? Go chase a waterfall or two this weekend…..

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