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Queensland borders OPEN!!!

Here we go again in our ever-changing world of Covid-19 and the corresponding ever-changing restrictions. So happy to be called a Queenslander and away from our Melbourne life!  However, I do feel majorly sorry for all our friends and family in Victoria, especially those in Melbourne metro.  It can’t be easy being back to stage 3 restrictions again due to a few suburbs that couldn’t contain themselves. My kids are desperate to see their grandparents, who we haven’t seen since January, and in the life of a little kid, 6 months is a very long time.  And the worst is that we have no idea when we will be able to see them! We had tried to convince them to escape into NSW, and then come to Qld before the border shut down, but they decided to do the right thing and stay put.  

So if you are wanting to come into Qld everyone except Victoria of course, make sure you have your documents approved and be aware of all the conditions of entry.  And if you are driving, be prepared for the long wait at the border. We cannot wait to see you all in Noosa again to enjoy what us locals and Queenslanders have been enjoying all to ourselves.  

It has been amazing, I cannot deny it. 

I love Noosa and have not gone anywhere else for over a year because there really is no better place.

The latest adventure my family has been on was a trip to the Gold Coast. If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll have heard me talk about this trip endlessly!  We were originally booked into Brisbane City Scape Stay but our accommodation ended up having flooded flooring from previous guests.  This opened up the opportunity to look elsewhere, and at the last minute, we came across an amazing deal at Sea World Resort! (I won’t go into the details because you will all be jealous.) So, we ended up staying 2 nights in the resort with 2 days in Sea World and the 3rd day at Paradise Country. Sea World had only just opened up nearly all the rides were available, except for a few.  Disappointingly, the monorail wasn’t open, which is always fun and could’ve saved my arms and back from carrying my daughter all day! I really should’ve brought a stroller for the trip. It is such a great park for kids with Nickelodeon Land that has rides and shows and of course all the animal presentations. Seriously, how the dolphins can leap out of the water surprises me every time. 

Nickelodeon Land

Full of kids rides but also has Paw Patrol and Teenage Ninja Turtles interactive shows.

Fun fact about Dolphins: it is faster for them to leap out and in then swimming fast under the water.

Pre-warning this awesome splash pad is only for resort guests so do yourself a favour and book a night you won't be disappointed with the extras you receive like a dolphin show before the park opens.

Paradise Country is a much smaller park but it still has plenty of shows and demonstrations.  It is all about Shaun the sheep and all the Aussie animals and country life. We did it all in 4 hours, and it was a great experience for our kids to see farm animals. 

Show demonstrating the working dog rounding up the sheep

All about Shaun the sheep and his friends throughout the farm

The other theme parks which are open at the Gold Coast:

Movie World: 15th July

Wet ‘n’ Wild: 15th July

Dreamworld & WhiteWater World: TBC but will be opened by Sept holidays

So, as you are making your way up or down the coastline, drop into the Gold Coast.  It is only a 2.5 hour drive from Noosa and you can enjoy all the theme parks and endless beaches, playgrounds, high rises and famous Surfers Paradise. 

I have also been busy organising a mini renovation at our 1-bedroom unit in Noosaville. It has come up amazing, (if I do say so myself)!  I replaced the old yellow kitchen bench tops with new marble-look benches, and the carpet with hybrid flooring. The unit has a brand new toilet, sofa bed, dining table, and artwork which is still arriving. Not only that, but we have repainted it for a fresh look.

Before and after shots

Saying all that, even though we cannot welcome in Victoria friends and family yet, if you’re from a state that can come, then come and celebrate your freedom and enjoy our amazing beaches, relaxed lifestyle, and amazing warm winter weather.  Our cafes, restaurants and the shops along Hastings Street are all eager to welcome you back. If you prefer and can drive the distance here then do so, just remember to allow for the long lines at the border crossings. If you're flying, then remember you can fly directly into Sunshine Coast airport and then either catch a bus, taxi/Uber or hire a car. Noosa is just 30 mins north of the airport. 

If you are thinking of hiring a car or private transfer, I highly recommend:

Noosa Car Rentals

0429 053 728

You will not only be supporting a locally owned and operated company, but you will also get amazing service. You have the ability to hire a vehicle from the airport and when you don’t need it, Noosa Car Rentals will collect it from your accommodation.  This means you don’t have the extra cost and inconvenience of having the hire car sitting doing nothing during your stay as you can walk everywhere in Noosa. 

Planning your stay and choosing your accommodation is fun! And we have some amazing deals for the remainder of JULY:

1-bedroom unit from $90 a night

2-bedroom unit from $180 a night

Not only best price deals but with full use of all the resort facilities too

Looking forward to welcoming you back to Noosa!  Remember, we can give you some tips on fascinating places to visit north or south of here as well.  See you soon!

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